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Thank you for buying a piece of my fused glass - I really appreciate your support  ♥


Reviews, recommendations and word-of-mouth are really important to all small businesses, but especially to one-person businesses like mine - every minute I spend on advertising and marketing means less time in the studio or with my family!


I'm proud of having very high standards so I make and inspect all the products myself to ensure the best possible quality for you.  If something doesn't seem quite right or you have a suggestion to help me improve, please do let me know straight away (ideally send an email to with a photo or two) so I can sort it out!

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You can leave a reviews in five different ways!  Please feel free to choose just one...  but if you truly love your purchase and have the time/energy to do more I'll be immensely grateful!

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You can post a photo on Instagram (please tag me @glassartistuk)

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Why not head to to leave a review on Google?

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If you prefer Facebook, head to

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You can leave a review on Trustpilot at

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...and you can also tell your friends during a good, old-fashioned conversation!

Thank you!

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