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A cute little trinket dish featuring a background of vanilla glass, overlaid with copper hearts.  While in the kiln, traces of sulphur in the vanilla glass react with the copper in beautiful but unpredictable ways...  some of the copper will sparkle, some will darken and some may even give a slight blue/green tinge - remember learning about Copper Sulfate at school?  


The trinket dish is returned to the kiln for a second time to form its sloping sides and flat base.


With its steeper-sloping edges, this dish is particularly suitable for small items like earrings.



Size is approximately 7.5cm x 7.5cm,  1.5cm high.


Vanilla Hearts Trinket Dish

  • Please note:  this is a hand-made product, so no two pieces are identical.  Photos show an example, not necessarily the exact item you will receive.  Small bubbles inside the glass are a normal decorative feature. 

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