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Early bird offer - enter code "HAPPYCHRISTMAS" at checkout to save 10% when you spend £50 or more on selected Christmas decorations before 12th November 2023.


A classic symbol for the winter months,  my Snowflakes look great hanging anywhere that they can catch the light - a window, fireplace, sunny wall, or near to fairy lights.


Pieces of glass are cut and hand-placed for each snowflake before being heated to nearly 800°C in our kiln to fuse them together.


Each snowflake is around 10cm in diameter.


If you'd like a larger snowflake, or one that includes a different colour of glass, please send me a message and I'd be pleased to work out a price for you. 


PriceFrom £10.00
  • Please note:  this is a hand-made product, so no two pieces are identical.  Photos show an example, not necessarily the exact item you will receive.  Small bubbles inside the glass are a normal decorative feature. 

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