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Inspired by the beauty of meadows filled with wildflowers, these artworks are designed to capture the spirit of midsummer. They include multiple colours of glass to give the effect of multiple species of wildflower all competing cheerfully for sunshine.


Each meadow's foliage is painstakingly hand-painted to give a unique design, before crushed and cut pieces of glass are added to represent further leaves and the all-important flowers! After before being fired at nearly 800°C to fuse these decorative elements in place, the glass is returned to the kiln for a second time to create the elegant S-curved shape. Altogether, each finished curve will have spent around 30-40 hours in our kiln.


This can be a lovely gift for anyone who loves nature. It's a great way to add colour to a windowsill.


Size is approximately 21-23cm wide x 8-9cm high.


Also available as a flat piece of glass with an oak stand.

Meadow Vista

  • Please note:  this is a hand-made product, so no two pieces are identical.  Photos show an example, not necessarily the exact item you will receive.  Small bubbles inside the glass are a normal decorative feature. 

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