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Simple and colourful,  this rainbow curve will bring cheerfulness to any room - just add a little sunlight!  The "S" shape means that the curve is free-standing with no other support required.  This extra-large curve makes a real statement piece.


Each curve is created from seven coloured strips of glass,  carefully laid onto a clear base and heated to nearly 800°C in our kiln to fuse them together.  It is then returned to the kiln again to form the "S".  


This finished "S" is approximately 21-22cm wide and 8-9cm tall.

A similar design is also available in a smaller size.  

Classic Rainbow "S" - Large

  • Please note:  this is a hand-made product, so no two pieces are identical.  Photos show an example, not necessarily the exact item you will receive.  Small bubbles inside the glass are a normal decorative feature. 

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