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Be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud

We Brits love talking about the weather and yesterday's weather was pretty awful. Gone were the glorious sun, the long shadows and the crisp air. In their place were grey skies, pouring rain and wild winds. But then in the evening a beautiful rainbow shone through the clouds, almost as if it was a thank you for putting up with the miserable weather.

Rainbow bursting through clouds over hillside
Rainbow over the Clent Hills

I love rainbows, the sense of hope they bring and the vibrant colour. I know many of my lovely customers love a rainbow too. I’m lucky that when I’m exhibiting at craft fayres, people will often share the reason for their love of rainbows with me.

Samples of coloured glass, organised as a rainbow
I love colours!

Lots of customers buy rainbows for themselves or for loved ones as a symbol of Pride. The different colours have come to reflect both the immense diversity and the unity of the LGBTQ+ community, whether worn on a piece of jewellery:

A fused glass pendant, made using strands of glass in rainbow colours

displayed as a flag:

or having a practical purpose:

Tea-light candle holder made from fused glass with rainbow-coloured strands of glass
Who doesn't need a rainbow tea-light holder?

For many customers their focus is on the rainbow as a symbol of remembrance for beloved pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.

A rainbow arch, created from fused glass, with coloured light projecting onto the surface below
"Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge..."

Charities often use the rainbow, or rainbow colours, as part of their logo. It is especially true of children’s charities, perhaps because of the joy and uplifting hope that rainbows bring.

This blog's title "be a rainbow in someone's cloud" comes from a quote by Maya Angelou - a diarist, poet, writer, performer, composer, teacher and civil rights activist. She talked about how the kindnesses we receive from others can carry us through the harder times in our lives:

I’m sure there are many other reasons why my customers love a rainbow. I’d love you to let me know your reasons… or to suggest what rainbow design I should create next. Please get in touch!

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