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These are probably my dinosaur-loving daughter's favourite items that I make!


Available in 4 designs:  Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops, but I'm aways happy to try making another dinosaur (or other animal/bird) shape - please message me before ordering.


Includes an oak stand to display your piece of art.  If you'd rather use your dinosaur art as coaster, let me know and I'll attach feet instead.


Photos show a Stegosaurus in bright green.  I've listed a few of the most popular colours here but can make them specially for you in any transparent colour.  Why not ask me for a set with each dinosaur in a different colour?


Size is approximately 10cm x 10cm.  


PriceFrom £16.00
Glass colour
  • Please note:  this is a hand-made product, so no two pieces are identical.  Photos show an example, not necessarily the exact item you will receive.  Small bubbles inside the glass are a normal decorative feature. 

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